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Our small country provides an amazingly wide variety of scenery, landscapes, weather, sporting and adventure activities, cultural events, places to visit, beaches, lakes, rural or city, etc.

Summer - swimming weather - is December to early March, and our wet, cold winter is June to August.
Summer Temperatures range through the 20s Centigrade/Celsius emphasised by humidity in the North. In Winter, alpine areas and the Deep South experience times when snow, land slips, and road conditions discourage travel, while in the Far North frosts are rarey experienced.

Travel Information
Finding websites and phone numbers to check timetables and make bookings can be frustrating and time consuming.
We list such sites here, especially those we have found helpful.
Coach travel is largely provided by Newmans-Intercity (link to follow).
Trains run from Auckland to Wellington, and Picton to Christchurch (? further South). connected by the InterIsland Ferry. The scenic Tranz-Alpine train from Christchurch to Greymouth daily is a very worthwhile daytrip, or half day each way.
Air NZ planes fly between the main cities and smaller craft service the scenic and tourist destinations. Timetables and bookings are centralised (link to come).

The most visited tourist venues, and things to do, will be listed here and more information added soon
special events etc will be listed as information becomes available.

Please send us your photos, and stories of your time here.
We will also include (with permission) location maps, links to websites, and scans of brochures of events, places, attractions, activities etc that people find interesting .

Information is indexed in the general Directory pages with links to individual pages and album in our photo gallery.

Clearly this is an ongoing project, so please return often.

We will enjoy researching any area for you.
Please let us know places you would like to visit and let us help plan your trips.

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